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The Best Care For Their Best Friend

We love pets, between us we have quite a few from Large St. Bernard’s to the tiniest hamster. As a technology company we are not best placed to give advice to worried pet owners that may be unable to attend an appointment. However, by using our skills we can help you to deliver exceptional veterinary care to your clients which we hope will help pet owners all over the world to access care from their vets more conveniently.

  • Allow your clients to easily arrange appointments

  • Arrange virtual appointments to save precious consulting room time.

  • Reduces stress caused for some pets attending the practice.

George Kyriacou • Head of operations at the VVG

“After rescuing Barney from Romania, we discovered his absolute fear of vets and busy places. Our practice is often very busy and if we can avoid taking Barney into that situation when its not 100% necessary it would be a win / win ”

Jenny Goldsmith, Pet Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions we get asked, alot!.

Yes, the app your customer downloads will be fully branded with your logo and colour scheme.
The client app will be availabe to download for FREE in both the Apple app store for IOS users and the Google play store for Android users

The VVG will fully manage and maintain your app so you can concentrate on providing the best possible pet care.

 The VVG complies with the security standards set out within ISO27001 and only use complient UK based data centres to store any data.
Yes, your app can be set up to apply a payment wall between the consultation request and the request being sent. This is all done within the mobile app and is fully PCI complient.
You can do that too, your practice portal will allow you to arrange virtual appointments and notify your clients directly through the app.

Not really, of course the faster the better however the app will dynamically adjust based on the available speeds so you can have a virtul consult with as little as 1mbps.

The contracts are typically 12 months which then move over to a 30 day rolling contract, you can cancel by simply giving us 30 days’ notice once your initial contract period has ended.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

On-Going Support

Joining the VVG brings along all the benifits of offering virtual consults along with the security of knowing that you have a full team of developers supporting you every step of the way.

Professional Pet Care

Pet owners trust you to look after the needs of their beloved companions. We are specialists committed to helping you deliver the very best veterinary care.