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Whether your client has concerns on their puppies behaviour, their parrots feather pulling , head banging or needs reassurance if their dog is in labour, maybe during the delivery of puppies or simply wants you to see some form of bodily fluid produced, you will be able to see the pet in the moment, doing what he may not do in practice. Being able to see the behaviour or movement as it is happening will help in accessing the next move best benefiting the client and their pet . you will also be able to see a dog who is normally scared at the practice and may mask their problems, unlike their relaxed state at home.

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“Training Bruno was fine however he hated eating and always left his food, after a few short consults with the vet nurse watching him eat we quickly established that a raised food bowl was needed, since then he always eats without any problems.”

Jenny Goldsmith, Brunos Human

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some questions we get asked, Alot.

Yes, the app your customer downloads will be fully branded with your logo and colour scheme.
The client app will be availabe to download for FREE in both the Apple app store for IOS users and the Google play store for Android users
The VVG complies with the security standards set out within ISO27001 and only use complient UK based data centres to store any data.
Yes, your app can be set up to apply a payment wall between the consultation request and the request being sent. This is all done within the mobile app and is fully PCI complient.
You can do that too, your practice portal will allow you to arrange virtual appointments and notify your clients directly through the app.

If you have any other questions, please contact us